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Heather Heartless xx

I'm the kind of girl he'd like to eat...


<lj-cut>1. What do they call you? The name's Heather. They call me either Heartless Heather, or Classy Trash.
2. How old are you? 21
3. Sexuality? Id say Im bi, but I dont say this to be trendy like a lot of you people do. I believe love is love, regardless of age or sex or whatever else. And if you're a girl and you find someone you think you can love... dont be afraid to love them just because theyre a girl too. Thats all I have to say about it.
4. Single, taken, or somewhere in between? I'm usually taken... for a fool. Hahaha. Somewhere in between right now, I have a guy who I meet up with on the weekends.. then we do our own thing during the week. Nobody gets jealous or mad, and it rules, so dont tell me Im a slut. :)
5. Any pictures of the above? Or friends maybe?

Heres the lovely Sarah Rose, my best friend.:





Cliche but still necessary
6. Sum up your style in as few words as possible but still being as specific as you can. Classy trashy punk rock skinhead rockabilly bitch.
7. What's your favorite outfit? I love my leopard print jacket.
8. Name some bands you'd recommend to somebody. Johnny Thunders and the HeartbreakersDead Boys. Cock SParrerVice Squad. Black Flag. Dead Milkmen. Descendents. Circle Jerks. AdolescentsOperation IvyXMotorhead. The Cramps. The Replacements. The Bags. Agent Orange. Iron Maiden. The Buzzcocks. Devotchkas. Velvet Underground. Stray Cats. Lydia Lunch. Siouxsie and the Banshees. X-ray Spex.
9. Do you read much? Name some books. I read a lot, when I actually have the time to. The Catcher in the Rye has always been my favorite. Id recommend anything by Bret Easton Ellis, or Irivine Welsh.
10. Movies and TV shows that keep you entertained. Nothing thats on these days is worth watching. Best TV shows ever: Married with Children, Roseanne, Whos the Boss, Boy Meets World, Saved By the Bell,
11. What do you do when you're not applying to rating communities? Have fun with my droogs.
12. What do you want to be when you grow up? (Realistic or unrealistic, it's up to you.) Oh, I dont plan on growing up... :)

Essay portion. Don't fret, I'm kidding.
13. Give a short discourse on something you're pationate about. Im passionate about punk rock. Listening to the music... the real shit from back in the day, the stuff you kids have never heard of. Living it. Getting drunk with friends, picking fights with stupid kids, running from the cops, having a good time. Playing it. I play guitar and Im in the process of starting a crappy all-girls punk band called "Victorian Sex" 
14. How do you feel about love? Any good or bad personal experiences with it? Honestly, I dont really believe in "love". Not yet, anyway. I think its mostly lust, even when people think theyre in love. Real love is hard to come by. I havent ever found it, and I doubt I ever will. Ill keep looking for it though. It must exist. And people think I'm a slut... ha.
15. Ever had an orgasm? How was your first one? I have about five orgasms a day. I dont understand these girls who have never had an orgasm... you just dont know what youre doing.  ;)
16. What's the most annoying thing on the planet? Little dogs, like Chihuahaus, that are used as accessories. You know what Im talking about. Like Paris Hilton with Tinkerbell. It makes me want to puke. Them, and Ugg Boots, like the ones Paris wears. Actually, maybe Paris herself is the most annoying thing on the planet.
17. What's the most interesting thing that's ever happened to you? Lots of interesting things have happened to me. Some of which you may not like. Rather than be judged, Ill keep my mouth shut (which is hard for me to do). So then for interesting, Id have to say.... meeting Bon Jovi. That was interesting... and funny... and yeah... dont laugh at me, youre just jealous!
18. Define "trashy". Give examples of things you think are trashy. Pictures are awesome.  These are MY legs. I dress like this all the time; guess its why they call me Classy Trash.

19. Define "beautiful". Give examples of things you think are beautiful. Well... the above picture can also apply here. Haha. :)

Sell yourself to us.
20. Why do you deserve to be a cat or kitten? Because Im awesome. Girls wanna be me, and guys wanna do me. What can I say. I rock.
21. What made you want to join this community? Saw it somewhere and though it looked cool.
22. What are your best features, physical or other? Physical, probably my eyes. Also, a good QUALITY of mine is that Im a good friend and I would do anything for you, if I consider you a friend in return. I never stab people in the back.
23. Promote us somewhere. If you're afraid of getting banned for spam, promote us to someone via AIM. Provide a link or the portion of conversation. Ill promote you in my own journal...
24. Any last comments or suggestions? Suggestions about the layout or application would be really appreciated. n/a. You're good as you are, and I dont know anything about layouts.
25. Now that that's all over, provide us with 5 pictures of yourself. Showcase your style as best you can.   (lots of pictures, i know...... sorry! but theyre small).

 smiling.jpg messy.jpg p.jpg 
tattoos.jpg   slut.jpg    leopard.jpg  




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