mod post/ i'm the kinda girl he'd like to EAT

Attn please, mods!

I thought it would be nice if the mods filled out applications as well. Not to be counted towards the auto accept, but it'd be fun to know these things about each other, too. So I ask that when you get a chance, fill the thing out and post it so I can link to it on the member's page. Cool? Nod your heads. Good kittens.

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catsand_kittens is now open for business. We're a rating community. Although we are selective about who we accept, our goal is to get entertainment from each other, not from making other people want to kill themselves. If this sounds like something you could enjoy, by all means go to the info and get the application. Just remember to be interesting and worthwhile. Please&thank you.

10 auto accept/reject positions available.
1. letmenatalya
2. your0ddgirl0ut
3. jensomuch
4. sheistemptation
5. nion
6. everpinkus
7. iwantyourskullz