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3 Auto-accept/reject positions left. Members can post and comment as soon as they're stamped, but votes won't be counted until after the 10th application.

Rules for Members

1. You can lurk your little heart out, but please submit an application before making your first post or commenting.

2. Apperantly it makes people angry if they open their friends page and it's full of large, slow-loading images. To accomidate them, please put excessively large images or entries behind a cut.

3. This is a guideline, not a rule. As a personal favor to the universe, don't be too terribley cruel to the applicants. If you don't like somebody, by all means vote no and tell them why, but try to remember that we're all human beings and should be given some level of respect as such. Most importantly, we're all here to have a good time, but do what you have to do.

4. Remember to judge based on style as well as appearance! Ugly people can be fucking cool too ;D

5. No need to put "stamped" or anything in the subject line. We assume if you're posting, you've been stamped.

6. Pretty much anything is on-topic. The cute shirt you found whilst dumpster-diving, pictures of that place you went and the people who were there, political rants, your plans for the summer, does your makeup look better like thiiiiiis or like thiiiiiis? Just try to keep it interesting.

7. We have a points system. You can read about it here.

8. Have a real good time. Promote. The bigger the member's list, the more fun for everyone.

Accepted Members List.

Rules for Applicants

1. To help us distinguish between applications, which get our utmost attention, please put (respective of your gender) "She's the kind of girl I'd like to eat", or "I'm the kind of girl he'd like to eat" in the subject line.

2. Please don't comment on anything except your application until you've been accepted. You'll be stamed either within two business days (haha) or whenever there are enough votes.

3. Interesting is good. Don't put people to sleep and you'll be starting off on the right foot. Also, the mmebers have been requested not to be unnecessarily rude when voting, but understand that if you make someone angry, they're probably going to tell you about it. We've already decided that we like stamped members, so don't be a jerk to them.

4. If you've been rejeceted, lurk around for a while and figure out why, then reapply. Reapplication makes it clear that you'd really like to be here, and it will be noted.

5. Don't use rich text to post the application, the html has already been done for you. Don't be afraid to mess around with the colors and such though!

6. We treasure diversity. You'll notice that the mods have also posted applications for more of a survey purpose. Please don't just read ours and think that it's an indicator of what we'll say yes to. We like all non-sucky types here.

Good luck!


*if you'd like to be a mod, note as such in your application and we'll see what happens